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“What type of companies should implement EOS®?”

If you’ve got people in your company, EOS can help you clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.

EOS works best for small and medium sized privately owned companies that want to grow, make more money and build an engaged and empowered leadership team that treat the business as if they owned it.

My goal is to help your team get unstuck within 90 days, implement EOS and triple your profit and triple your time off within 3 years.


My why is helping business owners and CEOs get unstuck within 90 days or less and triple their profit and triple their time off within 3 years, without professional investors, high-priced consultants, or the hiring of seasoned executives.

EOS® levels the playing field. Your small to medium sized private company can compete with private equity backed peers if you leverage, what you already have, better. I believe that you have all the resources you need to grow and drive the profitability of your business with the help of a set of simple, real world tools, that work.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® helps your small or medium sized business become as dynamic as a Silicone Valley startup and as prosperous as a private equity backed company.

Why give up ownership in your business to outsiders, when you can inspire an engaged and accountable in-house team, to build a business which triples its profit and allows you to triple your time off within three years?



I help you build a growing, profitable, focused and passionate organization.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a set of simple, practical tools that allow you to gain Traction, align your team around a Vision and build a Healthy leadership team that think like owners, not as employees.

Gino Wickman, Traction’s author and founder of EOS Worldwide, had studied the most prominent business minds of the last 30 years, including: Jim Collins (Good to Great, Built to Last), Michael Gerber (The E-Myth Revisited), Pat Lencioni (Five Temptations of a CEO, Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive), Vern Harnish (The Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up) and others. He turned a handful of these prominent business thinkers’ brake-through ideas into the EOS Model™ that he described in his bestselling book: Traction. The EOS Model allows business owners to build a great company by improving only six areas in their business, using a set of simple tools that can be implemented by investing 5-7 days a year and 90 minutes a week mastering and maintaining the Entrepreneurial Operating System.


My commitment is to help you get unstuck in 90 days, or less and after implementing EOS, triple your profit and triple your time off within 3 years.  You will have mastered EOS, when you are on a sustainable path to robust growth, high profits and a highly engaged and energized team, that is bought into and executing your vision.


How will you and your team master EOS®