“My passion is turning GOOD
businesses into GREAT ones”

“My passion
is turning
GREAT ones”

Steve Preda

Author, Speaker, Certified EOS Implementer®

Since the age of ten, Steve (Istvan) Preda dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, inspired by his great-grandfather, who had built a legendary bakery business in Budapest, Hungary.

After working for top consulting firms and banks in London and Budapest, in 2002 Steve embarked on realizing his dream by starting MB Partners, a consulting firm, helping private companies arrange ownership transitions.

Having overcome many painful mistakes, by 2007 MB Partners achieved market leadership in Hungary, but around its tenth year the firm hit the ceiling. That was when Steve read Gino Wickman’s Traction, which changed his life and his company, forever. A year later a Private Equity group bought the firm, allowing Steve’s family of six to move to the United States.

Today, Steve’s mission is to help entrepreneurial leadership teams succeed, as a Certified EOS Implementer. Since 2016, he has helped over 35 leadership teams clarify, simplify and achieve their visions and start living the EOS Life®.

His new book: Buyable — Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing, Fast Growing, and High Profit Business is coming out in Q2 2021.

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Steve’s mission for your team is…

…to turn your GOOD business into a GREAT one.

By strengthening each of the Six Key Components™ of your organization, with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Start turning GOOD into GREAT

Start Living The EOS Life®

Running a GREAT company means that you and your team can start living the EOS Life, when:

You are doing what you love to do

Everyone in your company is working in their Unique Ability.


With people you love being with

You are surrounding yourself with people that share your values.


Making a huge difference

In the lives of your family, colleagues and your customers, empowered to pursue mastery, autonomy and purpose.


Being compensated appropriately

By running an efficient and effective business that is scalable and valuable.


Having time to pursue other passions

Running on EOS® will help you find your life balance, so that you can rejuvenate and pursue what you find fascinating and motivating.


Steve Preda can help you live the EOS Life by purely implementing every tool and discipline in your entrepreneurial business, as outlined in the Traction® Library.

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