Join a Webinar with Steve

Are you a business owner or a senior executive struggling with:


  • Lack of control over time, the markets or your company
  • People who don’t listen, get it or follow-through
  • Low or inconsistent Profitability
  • Making some progress, but not breaking through to the next level
  • Nothing working: books, seminars, peer groups, etc.?

If you would like to see your business consistently run better and grow faster, join Steve Preda, Certified Implementer
® of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, for this 60-minute webinar. Steve will make an inspirational presentation on how you can strengthen the Six Key Components of your business and start gaining traction within 60 days.

At the end of the webinar, Steve will answer your questions and you will walk away with tangible tools and strategies that you can start implementing right away to create more alignment, execution, and team health in your business.



“It’s very important for us to have someone like Steve to guide us through the EOS® journey and to gear us in the correct way. EOS helped us improve processes and strategy, spent time together brainstorming and finding solutions to our problems. Steve created an environment of safety for this to happen.”



“We were a company that was truly dysfunctional in our operations. It’s amazing to see how 12 months of focus with Steve on EOS really got us back in the right direction. The friend that introduced me to Traction® took his foot off the pedal in 2019 and his business went backward. It’s an important lesson for me to remember.”

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