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Testimonials for: How to Scale Your Business into a Sellable Product

Steve Polo

Partner/Owner at OPX

“Steve, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday, as did all of my colleagues!”

Ken Bram

President, AUSCO, Inc.

“I both enjoyed and learned from your presentation about the variety of options available to grow and sell a company. Your energy, passion, and knowledge came through loudly and clearly.”

Colleen Kelly

CEO, Alex Apparel Group

“The workshop was very well organized, with good flow and great examples”

Mike Tapper

President/CEO, Enterprise Consulting

“Enjoyed the valuations discussion and the calculations showing the growth needed, as well as the discussion on how to groom a business. Steve did a Great Job!”

Jim Nekos

CEO, Edge Technology

“Loved the simplicity of the slides. The talk was easy to follow, well paced and with real-world stories.”

Keith Aune

Owner, Clean’n’Press

“Really liked the Magic Number and how to get there by selling a business. Turns out, the steps that help a successful sale are the same as building a healthy business.”

Marty Burns

Partner, Visiting Angels

“My takeaway from Steve’s talk: Plan and Implement NOW, for a better future.”

Melissa Koehler

President & CEO, B. Frank Joy

“Loved the Magic Number exercise and how to harvest it, determining the Value of Equity and learning to run a Level 10 leadership meeting.”

Richard Schlosser

Managing Principal, TiePoint-bkm Engineering

“I learned how to value a business and the growth required to achieve the cash-out goal.

Jeff Schwartz

Owner, Ashton Manor Environmental, LLC

“Now, I better understand valuation/EBITDA, the health of an organization and what to work on to improve it and build business value.”

Paul McKinell

CEO/Business Owner, Baltimore, MD

“Steve created awareness of how your business would be valued by the market and he helped us figure out our “number”.”

Martin Fletcher

Managing Partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston

“Liked Steve’s stories and that he spoke from experience.”

Robyn Kress

President, Feats

“I really enjoyed Steve’s stories, calculators and ways to think about value.”

Bruce Wardell

Principal at brwarchitects

“Great presentation and valuable information, that dispelled the mystery of EBITDA.”

Chris Lansburgh

President/CEO, Edgesource Corporation

“Very good and thought provoking exercises.”

Ed Arovas

President & COO, Amalgamated Casualty Insurance

“Excellent use of examples throughout the presentation. Thank you!”

Testimonials for: Management Blueprints that Supercharge your Business

Edwin Abbott, Jr.

President, Kibart

“I liked Steve’s big picture business history lesson and would love a follow-up deep dive into each of the Management Blueprint Components”

Ethan Kazi

Founder/CEO, The Canton Group

“Steve gave us historical context [to Management Blueprints] from business literature and facilitated practical exercises to address the most important organizational challenges afflicting small and medium size businesses”

Matt Laherty

CEO, Platformatics

“Steve’s presentation was a great reminder on where to focus in my business and how to keep balance between culture and metrics. A well-balanced discussion with good examples. Great job!”

Paul Spreen

Owner/Engineer at Even Automation

“Loved summary of books and the blueprint options matrix. Steve shared some great tools that can be used to engage and retain people with beyond money incentives”

Douglas Parker

Owner/President, Circle-Prosco

“I appreciated how Steve tailored his presentation to address the concerns and interests of his audience”