Transform your GOOD

business into a GREAT one



by implementing the Entrepreneurial

Operating System® (EOS®)


Turn your GOOD

business into a GREAT one



by implementing the Entrepreneurial

Operating System® (EOS®)

Why clients work with Steve

I want to talk

How EOS helps your organization

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a complete proven system with simple,

practical tools, that help you build a self-managing business



No magic pills, or silver

bullets. Only timeless,

proven, practical concepts


Focused on strengthening

TM the Six Key Components™

of your business.


Clients start gaining traction

within the first 60 days, and

gradually improve thereafter.

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What our clients say


Steve Preda has helped us get at underlying, unresolved, undiscussed issues in pursuit of honest, candid, and constructive communication and search for the truth. Steve keeps things focused and on point, and this helps me to do the same. Meanwhile, he provokes thought and dialogue around issues that I may not be thinking about or needs to give greater focus. I am glad we met, glad we engaged Steve and very pleased with the results.


It’s very important for us to have someone like Steve to guide us through the EOS process and to gear us in the correct way. EOS helped us improve processes and strategy, spent time together brainstorming and finding solutions to our problems. Steve created an environment of safety for this to happen.


We were a company that was truly dysfunctional in its operations. It’s amazing to see how 12 months of focus with Steve on EOS really got us back in the right direction. The friend that introduced me to Traction® took his foot off the pedal in 2019 and his business went backward. It’s an important lesson for me to remember. I recently had a meeting with my accounting and finance companies and both were blown away with our progress.

How'd it work for me?

How we help entrepreneurial leadership teams

Create a self-managing


Consistently grow profits

and margins

Make their business scalable

and easier to run

Shape a productive and

inspiring culture

Become attractive to


Build a differentiated and

sellable business

How can we help you?

We empower entrepreneurial organizations that want to break through the ceiling



10-250 people

entrepreneurial organizations

Growth oriented

Willing to be open,

honest, and vulnerable

Our clients typically fall into one of the following segments:




Professional Services 

Business Services

Software &

Engineering &

Investment &
Real Estate

Powered by the Entrepreneurial

Operating System (EOS)

Selected Traction Equity clients



Find out if we could be a fit for you too.


How EOS works

Phase 1: Explore


Read Traction,
and learn about EOS

Check if we are a fit 

Attend a 90 Minute Meeting
with your leadership team


Phase 2: Execute


Start the EOS journey

Strengthen the Six Key

Components of your business

Start living the EOS Life

Our service area



In-person, in the following US States:

Virginia, Washington DC,

Maryland and West Virginia


Virtually, via Zoom, anywhere in the below



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